Nabbi Omukazi, Pastor Yiga scandal takes new twist

After pastor Yiga being dragged to court in the recent past by a babe who accuses him of siring a kid with her and also infecting her with a deadly disease, this attracted the attention of the former lover Nabbi Omukazi who came up and accused the same pastor of being a womanizer whom she says that he juggled her with Madina Bibuuza.


Later, it was alleged that pastor Yiga used his Kalondozi team of his Kawala based Television and they started following Nabbi Omukazi and her sister Brendsa Namisinga who were later bumped into different shrines in Kawempe, Wakiso and Masaka respectively.

Yiga got a chance of humiliating his once lover turned enemy via his Kalondozi program which was airing every Sunday before Uganda communications commission scrapped it off air alleging that it had explicit content which was promoting sexual acts and clinging on the right of privacy of the people.

Now Nabbi Omukazi and her sister Bena Namisinga have ran to Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura and lodged a complaint that Yiga hired goons who kidnapped them and took them to different shrines.

They further revealed that the kidnappers undressed them and filmed them on camera and then started intimidating them that they would harm them if they dared to report to police about the incident.

Kayihura later promised to help them to pursue the case till the end and instructed Officer Bwakagaba to help them in securing justice in this matter.

I Downloaded The Videos From U-Tube   -Yiga

When Bwakagaba tasked him to explain why he alleges that Nabbi Omukazi and her sister went to the shrine to be witch him, he said that the allegation is true.

Bwakagaba also asked him about how he had caught the two in a video, he said that he downloaded it from YouTube.

Yiga has been summoned to appear at Central police station for questioning.

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