Model Lolah Parades Juicy Thighs, Causes Whopper Oscillations

If you thought man can only survive on food then you had better think twice because it seems city model Lolah Adhama has provided new food for the eyes.

Lolah flashing her juicy thighs
Lolah flashing her juicy thighs

In a photo circulating on her social media handles, the sexy babe is seen flashing her tempting smooth yummy, brown thighs.

In the picture, Lolah dons a body hugging black and white short dress that leaves very little for imagination.

After setting their lustful eyes on her temperature raising assets, various guys must have suffered groin disorders since no normal man would remain the same after looking at her road to the fountain of blessedness.

The honeybee lingerie ambassador seems to have surely mastered the art of causing groin disruptions in men who are always glued to her handles.

In fact, a number of loaded city dudes have vowed to have a piece of her bearded meat even if it means drying their bank accounts.

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