Mbabazi explains Failure to Reach Campaign venue in Dokolo

Independent presidential candidate John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has explained failure to reach some campaign venues in Dokolo district yesterday.

Amama Mbabazi talking to journalists while on a ferry yesterday
Amama Mbabazi talking to journalists while on a ferry yesterday

Mbabazi said at certain point, he had to wait for a ferry to cross into Amolator district. By the time he reached Dokolo north, it was past time.

“At Zengebe we waited for the ferry to cross over into Amolator district, a district that relies a lot on fishing,” he said.

“We did not make it to Dokolo North as we had run out of time and the Police dispersed our supporters with live ammunition and teargas. We pledge that the Uganda Police force shall be turned into a true policing force to serve and protect the people not to be used as a tool of intimidation and harassment of the people.”

Mbabazi said he started the day at Lwampanga in Nakasongola where he held a mini-rally and discussed the advanced sub county model and the ability for agriculture to transform the lives of the people through cooperatives.

“We then proceeded to Zengebe. In Zengebe where I spoke of the need for electricity, and I believe this should extend to the whole country.”

He crossed into Amolator district where he spoke about the need to ensure that the landing site in the district gets basic amenities.

“The struggle for development across the country and Amolator in particular can be related to our national struggle to build a house for all. All previous governments have laid the foundation now it’s time to build from foundation level to the roof.

In Namasale, Mbabazi spoke about the need to “add value to the fishing villages by building a processing plant that will allow them to clean, store in cold storage and sell at the most opportune pricing.”

He promised to be on radio tonight to discuss “Go Forward vision for Uganda.”

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