MAK Student Arrested For Sodomising Minor

A third year literature student of Makerere University was on Wednesday last week rescued by police from being lynched by students at Nkrumah hall for allegedly sodomising a 9 year old boy.

The boy is a P.2 pupil at Makerere primary school

The student only identified as Kevin, resident of Nkrumah hall room number C21 reportedly seduced the minor with Ushs2000, asked him to help carry some of his property he had bought from Ham Towers to Makerere swimming pool and later to Nkrumah hall.

Kevin would later quench his horn on the young boy causing a lot of pain, followed by wails that attracted the attention of neighbours.

The angry Nkrumah residents pounced on the gay, raining blows and slaps until he was saved by the police that was alerted by the hall leaders.

Police rushed to the student’s room with guidance of the boy arrested the suspect and took him into police custody.

The suspect was later transferred to Wandegeya Police station as the pressure was mounting at Makerere University police by students who were angry about the act.

Meanwhile the incident has been highly condemned by the hall leadership some of whom were shocked by the strange news.

This student according to a roommate who is a medical student has not been known for such cases since the roommate claimed he always left the room early in the morning and return late in the evening to sleep.

Kevin is a Kenyan student who according to police they would not release information regarding him saying the matter was highly sensitive.

Nkrumah hall has been in the spotlight for many crimes at the university with the most deadly one being the mob against a former resident David Ojok who was killed earlier this year.

Ojok (R.I.P) had been murdered by the residents of Nkrumah suspecting him to be a thief.

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