M7 urged not to sign the anti-LGBTI NGO Bill 2015

Ugandan Gay activists rallied outside the Uganda High Commission in London on the 9th December, to urge President Museveni to not give his assent to the new anti-LGBTI NGO bill. 


They carried  placards with message like  Uganda President don’t sign the anti LGBTI/NGO bill 2015,  Uganda fight malaria not gays,  Uganda fight corruption not LGBTI NGOs, Uganda fight HIV not HIV/LGBTI NGOs, Uganda fight poverty not LGBTI/HIV NGOs, Uganda repeal section 145 of the penal code, Uganda’s NGO bill 2015 is a threat to humanity – among others.


The campaigners delivered a petition to the President of Uganda via the Uganda High Commission in London.

On Friday, 26th November 2015, the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda passed the Non-Governmental Organizations Bill, 2015.

The Bill now only awaits President’s assent to become an Act of Parliament.


“The ‘special obligations’ provision, among others require organizations to desist from engaging in any activities that are prejudicial to the security interests and laws of Uganda, as well as the dignity of the people of Uganda.


This will easily be used to harass organizations working on LGBTI and other issues that are regarded as socially unacceptable.

The Bill further proposes establishment of regional NGO Board offices from the district level to the sub-county levels and grants the NGO Board powers to dissolve NGOs issues,” said Sesange.


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