Hungry Fans Tear Zari’s Dress Over Rich Gang Money

Thursday night during the Zari All white party held at club Guvnor, revelers were surprised when the Rich gang made an appearance at the venue.


More shockingly, the group threw various dollars to the cross boarder socialite, inciting the party animals to rush and catch the money.

Unfortunately for Zari, her seemingly expensive dress never survived the scuffle, and she had to leave her little assets on display, more notably, the boobs.


It’s not clear how much they threw at her, but it was enough to make the wild partiers attempt to tear her apart.

Actually, they did not even care who they were scratching, but only aimed for the money.

Her blonde wig also narrowly survived the incident, thanks to her muscular body guards.

It was a shocker to see Ivan Ssemwanga and the group around the club, since it’s no longer a secret that they are in the past.

However, the group after entering the club, was advised not to throw money again, just to maintain peace and security inside the packed club.

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