Government tasked to clarify on Crime Preventers

Members of the Opposition in Parliament have requested the House to take a stand on the existence of Crime Preventers.

Hon. Crispus Kiyonga
Hon. Crispus Kiyonga

Hon. Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi raised the issue during the sitting on Thursday 24th December 2015, saying that the Crime Preventers have been taking part in a number of illegal activities around the country.

“It has become common to find Crime Preventers carrying voters registers. One wonders who gave these people the authority to do so. My appeal therefore is that some control be exercised on the Crime Preventers as we go into this election period,” Hon. Kivumbi appealed.

In support, the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Wafula Oguttu, said that he had received many reports that Crime Preventers were taking part in many illegalities and urged the government to take stand on the issue.

“I have heard that Crime Preventers are being used to create false lists out of the election registers and that some are taking part in criminal acts such as the incident in Ntugamo,” Hon. Oguttu said.

Hon. Paul Mwiru said that he is worried the Crime Preventers are being used as a tool to assert political power.

“Crime Preventers are becoming an issue and yet we do not exactly know who they report to; in my constituency they have been defacing posters yet ideally that should be offering protection,” he said.

In addition, the Opposition Chief Whip, Hon. Cecilia Ogwal said the government needed to be clear on who was in charge of the Crime Preventers and in which jurisdiction they operate.

“We have so many complaints about the Crime Preventers and yet when we complain to the Police they say they are not responsible for them. We need to know who is in charge of these people,” MP Ogwal said.

However in response, the Minister of Defense, Hon. Dr. Crispus Kiyonga invited the Leader of the Opposition to a dialogue on the issue.

“I have heard so many complaints about this issue and I would like to invite the Leader of the Opposition to discuss the matter openly as I urge other Members to remain calm,” Hon. Kiyonga said.

Source: Parliamentary News

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