Gitawo Spills Carol Flower’s Sex Secrets, I have Bonked Her For More Than Two Years

SOUTH AFRICA based Sangoma, Cameroon Gitawo has in the recent past been in the news, mainly for snatching a married babe and NTV GXP presenter, Carol Flower.

Cameroon Gitawo with Carol Flower
Cameroon Gitawo with Carol Flower

He is currently in the country to launch the ‘Money and Gold’ today.

It will be hosted by The Money Team (TMT).

This will be at Gurvnor for the official launch of TMT Entertainment label, TMT Charity Organization and to announce TMT arrival on the social scene.

He chatted with Kellen Katusiime. Below are the shared details about his businesses and love life with Carol flower.

Kellen: Who is Gitawo?

Gitawo: I am Cameroon Gitawo a.k.a Chris Mbibo. I am 35 years old and I have three children who are currently in South Africa.

I was born in Mukono district. I studied at Vicentalex Primary School, later went to Bishops S.S in Mukono before joining St. Joseph’s S.S Nagalama. After my senior six, I left Uganda.

First, I went to London for a year but later left because its system was slow on my side.

I went to Johannesburg because I was determined to make it in life.

Immediately, I joined the University of South Africa where I completed a degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management.

I later went to Rochester in New York and did a diploma in sales and marketing which I completed.

I own a real estate company, family restaurant and many other businesses. The headquarters are in South Africa, although I operate in more than 30 countries across the globe.

Kellen: Where did you get the fees?

Gitawo: I had no money. While at St. John Anglican Church in Johannesburg, I got a scholarship.

The same church trained me into a motivational speaker. I am where I am because of this church.

That is why when I succeeded; I started Sandston Charity Organization that takes care of disadvantaged children. I am currently busy developing TMT Africa Children’s Fund.

Kellen: How did you make your first dollar?

Gitawo:  Hahahaha(laughs). I was hired to clean the same church.

Kellen: Rich Gang crew has been in the limelight, where have you been hiding?

Gitawo: I have been busy. Secondly, I am not an attention seeker. If it wasn’t for TMT, I would still enjoy my private life. My mission at TMT requires that I go public.

Kellen: How did you meet Meddie Sentongo?

Gitawo: He is an interesting dude. We first met in South Africa where he was visiting.

Kellen:  Between Rich Gang and TMT, who has more money?

Gitawo:  I do not know about Rich Gang but TMT is successful. My net worth is between 35 and 40 million dollars. Rich Gang is just trying so hard. Parading dime does not mean you have a lot. I am a genuine businessman. I do not parade money and I mind my business anyway.

Kellen: What caused biff between you and Ivan Ssemwanga?

Gitawo: I think it was fear of competition. He thought TMT would take the limelight away from them (Rich gang).

Kellen:  What is TMT’s mission?

Gitawo: We have a 20 year plan. We are launching TMT Music Promotions, TMT African Label Entertainment, TMT Financial Services and TMT Children Funds

Kellen: How will you be funding these projects?

Gitawo: We have secured funds from Kristel Property Group, my Real Estate Company.

Kellen: What is your relationship with NTV GXP presenter, Carol Flower?

Gitawo: She is my fiancée. I met her two years ago and she is a lovely woman. When I first met her, she was going through a rough time with her husband. I didn’t cause any problem in her marriage. She just told me that her marriage had fallen apart. That is when we started our affair. We love each other because I really understand her. I am still waiting on her to sign divorce papers so that we can live as husband and wife. I love her children too. I treat them like my own.

Kellen: What plans do you have for Carol incase her divorce goes through?

Gitawo:  I want her to manage TMT Record Label. The offices are in Kololo.

Kellen: Have you talked to her husband or any of his relatives?

Gitawo: Ooh God! No. Why do you think I would talk to a man who is constantly stresses a beautiful woman like Carol?

Kellen: What challenges do you think Uganda businessmen face as they try to make a living?

Gitawo:  The biggest challenge is coping up with taxes. Ugandan businessmen need to receive more awareness and education through workshops about these numerous taxes. For example, if your accountant runs your books well, you receive tax returns and tax breaks depending on the nature of the business you are running. In real estate, there are many advantages. Uganda youth should invest more in real estate. Secondly, lack of capital is a big problem. They need to learn how to raise capital from scratch. No one will give you free money.

Kellen: What advice do you give to the youth trying to make it?

Gitawo:  They need to focus. People must stop complaining about taxes because it will not help. The youth must learn more about our economy and tax system.

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