Denzel hires Camera to Eat from Sangomas

Charles Denzel Myiyeretsi has made a name in the city as a broadcaster and one chap who does his work behind the mic.

Denzel (in white) recording the ground instead of the people
Denzel (in white) recording the ground instead of the people

There is no where we have seen him being a Camera guy—everyone knows that’s not what he does, but what money can’t do to people, he he!

Last Sunday at the Blankets and wine, Denzel begged an Urban TV cameraman for a camera, after realizing that the Rich Gang doesn’t know him at all.

Later, he also realized that the only media guys with chances of getting some dime from the gang were those with Cameras, or those who are known personally by the members.

Our moles on ground saw the devastated Denzel looking for a solution to his problem, and sought solace by begging his workmate for his Video camera, or he walks away empty handed.

When the guy refused, Denzel dug deep into his pockets and picked out a worn out 20k note and gave it to the guy, who never hesitated to give it to him.

As bad fate would have it, the Camera guy demanded for his machine after few minutes, claiming he wanted to shoot some scenes.

The evidently heartbroken Denzel had no choice but to dig deeper and pick out more 40k for the guy, who now left the camera for his through the whole event.

Fortunately for him, he got himself 500k from the Rich gang just for keeping around them with the Video Camera flashing on them.

However, we can authoritatively reveal that he only kept the Camera in Standby mode, which evidently records nothing.

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