Booze Bonks Nickita To Pulp

She is a certified party animal and sexy woman, but that never gave Nickita Evas Bachu immunity against the hard hand of booze on Friday night.

An evidently zonked Nickita at Sky Lounge on Friday night
An evidently zonked Nickita at Sky Lounge on Friday night

The former Venom marketing manager and mother of one will forever live to recall Friday night when she got zonked by alcohol beyond recognition.

In one photo that this desk has looked at, Nickita is seen extremely knackered with her eyes going into sleep mode, even though she was sitting.

According to sources, she drunk herself silly at Sky Lounge during the Kella-Gram silent disco which attracted Kampala’s top socialites and celebs.

Even though her boyfriend Gareth was also around, Nickita couldn’t stop gulping on all tribes of booze, as if she was a brewery machine.

This comes at a time when she has been seen getting extremely close to Samira Tumi—a wife to singer Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel.

Their closeness has raised eyebrows in the public, with some people speculating that they could be banging each other behind closed doors.

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