Alumni Festival Launched

The fond memories of secondary school – preps, grab,kadanke, uncanny subjects, dormitories ,inter-house sports day, morning preps (winter), cantab- are about to be reignited with the launch of the Alumni Festival come January 2016.


The Alumni festival that pits boys and girls secondary schools against each other on a Saturday of catch-ups, fun, games, competition in various races aims at relieving memories of the spirit of sports days back then.

The quarterly event which kicks off on 30th January 2016 at the UMA showground will have different alumni groups submitting a team of 20 people to represent their schools with the eventual winner being crowned the Alumni Champion at the end of the day.

Because of the expected high turn up, only the first 20 alumni associations that submit their members names and pay the 500,000/= participation fee will be considered on a first come-first serve basis.  There will also be entertainment from surprise artistes who in turn will be representing their schools plus non-competitive events for other alumni groups to crown the festival.

Speaking at the Alumni festival media launch, Steven Baryevuga Heineken Uganda’s PR Lead asserted;

“Heineken as a brand believes in opening up the world for everybody.  The Alumni Festival offers us the opportunity to enhance this notion by re-uniting old boys and old girls plus rekindling school memories in a fun way. Together with Kinetic management group, we will bring back these fond memories on a quarterly basis throughout 2016 and we are positive that alumni associations can hit up their traditional rivalry in an adult way”

Cedric Babu, Kinetic Management Group’ s Chief Executive says the Alumni Festival is a first of its kind event which presents alumni from different schools with the rare chance to interact, compete and in effect turn back the clock.

Cedric said “We want to bring back the fun of secondary school to now working adults. Most of us met our best friends in school and the alumni festival will help us meet some of those long lost friends. It also presents the opportunity to network and bond”

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