Tycoon Bikwasi Tips On Balancing Business & Family

South African based Ugandan tycoon Haruna Bikwasi Rwamutakitwa has revealed the tricks used to balance business and family thus building a robust business empire majoring in Tours and Travel and Money transfer.

Youthful Haruna Bikwasi
Youthful Haruna Bikwasi

Like any other businessman, Bikwasi reveals that at times one can forget that families exist due to a busy schedule of the business world.

“Its well-known that business takes much of our time, but still we need to be close to those that we love most so we must always find time for them,” reveals the youthful entrepreneur.

Family Background

Bikwasi Haruna was born in Ruhinda, Mitooma District and grew up in an extended family with over 10 children.

“Having grown up in a poor family, I faced difficulties while studying but I later completed my secondary education from Nganwa High School.”

He adds that the difficulties he passed through as a child helped him a lot in managing his businesses and making sure that the family receives maximum attention.

“By the time I married my wife in 2009, I was a business man already so I had to spare some time to attend to her always and I chose to marry her because she was my first girlfriend and we had met at Kirembe primary school, Mitooma district in 1998.”

In 2009, Bikwasi married his wife Maclean
In 2009, Bikwasi married his wife Maclean

Raising Family & conducting business

Since his major businesses are based in South Africa, Haruna had to make sure his family is around him.

“I had to take my family to South Africa because it would be expensive and time wasting if I was frequently come to Uganda to check on my lovely wife, Maclean Ayebare Bikwasi.”

Bikwasi and Maclean first met in 1998
Bikwasi and Maclean first met in 1998

“At first business was not okay because my wife was in a new place so she needed attention.”

Bikwasi adds that the resilience and the shrewd approach to business helped him to triumph.

The tourism guru says he is now blessed with two kids and they are; Japhari Bikwasi Rwamutakitwa well known as Big Boss and Junaid Bikwasi Ayebare aka Big Don.

Bikwasi's kids
Bikwasi’s kids

Businesswise, Bikwasi owns am money Transfer Company known as BTT International.

“It’s very hard to send money back home using the banking means when one has no work permit here in South Africa. BTT International now helps Ugandans based in South Africa to send money home quickly and at affordable rates.”

Bikwasi also owns Bikwasi Tours and Travel that deals in hotel booking for tourists, securing air tickets, tour drives, financial advisory services and others related to tourism.

Business Tips and Family

Bikwasi stresses that Family and business must not mix, that is “Plan your time accordingly.”

“If its business, let it be business and if its family let it be family, once you mix the two, I assure you one is lost.”

He also reveals that; in business First things first, this is business and the success of that business is paramount, regardless of your family politics or ties.

Bikwas's wife, Maclean Ayebale
Bikwas’s wife, Maclean Ayebale

In the workplace, decisions must be objective, not personal; the boss/employee relationship must be accepted by all family members; every job description must be clear and understood; and work life and home life problems should not overlap.

He also stressed that; “If you manage a family-business not only do you need to be a strong manager you need to be thick-skinned and tough enough to make decisions and stick to them.

If other family members report to you, be clear about their lines of authority or consider hiring a non-family member to assume a position of authority so that you are free to work on strategy, future plans and growth, while that person guides day-to-day operations.”

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