Prof Baryamureeba shocked by state of schools in Northern Uganda

Independent presidential candidate Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba yesterday was shocked by the state of Alaka Memorial Community School in Alebtong district, Northern Uganda

Alaka Memorial Community School

The school structures are made of erected poles roofed with grass.

The former Makerere University Vice chancellor questioned the government’s commitment to providing quality education with such schools.


“How do we expect to produce quality graduates in such schools? How do we expect teachers to perform at their best under such conditions? How can anyone confidently take pride for their contribution to this country when we still have many schools in this shape?” Prof Barya queried.


He added; “I have been a teacher all my adult life and education has a special place in my heart and consequently in my manifesto. Fellow Ugandans, please support me to change the status quo. We deserve better.”


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