Outrage in Ntungamo: 500 Angry Voters Storm State House Over vote rigging and Intimidation

Hundreds of angry NRM supporters have stormed Nakasero State House to express their dissatisfaction to President Museveni over recently concluded party primary elections.


The voters are claiming that the Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana who is the Rushenyi MP rigged elections.

By suppertime yesterday, four buses filled to capacity had arrived in Kampala together with other small private cars with about 500 people from Rushenyi.

Scores of women and men led by key stakeholders in Rushenyi including Birimbasa, Mzee Herbert Katuku and staged a sit-in in Nakasero State House demanding to meet the president over their grievances.


The voters were promised to meet the president today.

While parading recorded video clips and photos showing evidence of vote rigging, the old men and women claimed that most of the agents were chased away from the polling station hence rigging.

They said that the election was marred with voter bribery, heavy rigging and intimidation from the incumbent Hon. Mwesigwa and city businessman Bob Kabonero.

“We cannot accept this high level vote rigging that happened. If you remember, voters who were in register before voting were 3,433 in Nyanga Parish alone but those read in results by registrar NRM Ntungamo were 8385,”Ndokozi James one of the voters told Red Pepper.


He added; “how can a parish with 13 cells and with only 3433 voters produce over 8000 voters?,” he asked.

Muhumuza Enock, a voter of Kashenyi-Ngoma said that what happened in Ngoma Sub County was out of disagreements between the two parties after realizing there was too much vote rigging.

“For us we had a complaint earlier in the day and there were polling stations where the votes were more than the voters. We asked those concerned to consult the registers but they refused, and there were disagreements as well as exchange of words between two sides and this prompted a scuffle,” Muhumuza said.

He added; “Evidence is available that votes were stolen, we want elections re-done. And those who were involved in the vote rigging punished. Our people back fear the kiboko that was involved. In case we are to re-elect, we want our people to be guaranteed that security is there.”

Muhumuza said they came to give the chairman of the party their side of what happened on ground and to discuss the way forward.

The voters are demanding the president to punish registrar of Ngoma Manasseh Kagubaara for abetting rigging.


“We cannot accept even re-election if there is no security. Registrar Ngoma should be disciplined and dismissed from Ngoma,” one of the angry delegates from Rushenyi said.

When contacted, the Ntungamo District registrar refuted claims that votes were rigged.

“I have so far not registered anything to do with ballot staffing in Rushenyi. What we have done is halt the declaration of the winner since there are some areas whose votes are still missing,” Maria Mirembe NRM Registrar Ntungamo District.

On contrary, a one Nyongozi Herbert one of the race contenders who has since vowed to run as independent said the election was full of intimidation of voters and bribery.

“There was no free and fairness in this election. It was full of bribing by Rukutana. Some of my cars were smashed in the elections,” Herbert Nyongozi said.

He added; “I think in the general election, it can be fair since the polling stations are somehow few and it might be hard for one to manipulate about 75 polling stations than the 283 village polling stations.”

It is passed one week since the election but there is no official declared winner of this election.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the incumbent Rukutana has been declaring himself on his radio.

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