Nkoyooyo Cited In Property Grabbing Scam

The orphans of Retired Archbishop Livingstone Mpalanyi Nkoyooyo’s late friend, Eric Ganja Njuki, have accused him of siding with their late dad’s side dish to grab their property. 

CHEATED_ Dr. Njuki one of the sons of the late Ganja who has sought Ntagali's intervention in vein.
CHEATED_ Dr. Njuki one of the sons of the late Ganja who has sought Ntagali’s intervention in vein.

According to several communications and court documents, Nkoyooyo was a witness to Late Ganja’s last will and the late entrusted him with the responsibility of solving any dispute among the orphans and the widows.

However, the orphans accuse the man of God of using his influence and connections to block their efforts to recover the properties that include land and several heads of cattle.

This has led to a litany of court cases between Nkoyooyo and his deceased friend’s children.

In one of the letters seen by Red Pepper yesterday, one of the orphans, Frederick Njuki, reported Nkoyooyo to the reigning Archbishop Stanley Ntagali to mediate their matter in vain.

“My elder brother Stephen Nsubuga, his wife Ann Namazzi and the retired Archbishop Nkoyoyo went ahead and started to fraudulently transfer several of our father’s land titles to themselves, their children and for sale. The main contentious issues are the farm at Kakiri sold to Watoto and the livestock at the farm at Kakiri that my father had asked his friend (Nkoyooyo) to look after until my father improves. The cattle were disposed of by the former archbishop and this is one of the reasons he got involved in this dispute and has been working hard against everyone not agreeing with his role,” Njuki wrote.

“It is very disappointing that a man of God has used his collar and position in society to not only prey on his ailing friend, but is using means to split a family and bring such disrepute to the church and himself.” He narrates that when his father found out what had happened, he tried to recover his land but family members fought his efforts until he resorted to filing a complaint with the Land Fraud Unit in early 2011.

He (Late Ganja) also filed a civil suit civil case 191 of 2011 in October 2011 against Watoto Childcare Ministries (the buyer of the farm) and his son and daughter-in-law.

“The former archbishop to everyone’s shock offered to testify for my brother and his wife in this case against my father,” he added in a letter dated May 6, 2015.

It is said the late Ganja, who was a church leader at Kisugu Anglican Church picked Nkoyooyo from his home village in Butambala and brought him to Kampala as his chauffeur in 1960.

When he proved trustable, he (Late Gabja) seconded him to go for studies to become a reverend.

Prior to this letter, Family members had earlier on contacted Nkoyooyo asking him to tell them where the 45 heads of cattle that were in this farm in Kakiri, Wakiso district are.

Nkoyooyo reportedly told them that he had donated them to Send a Cow Home, an organization the retired Archbishop was using to improve incomes of needy people especially families affected by HIV/Aids.

Njuki wrote to Send A Cow Home Uganda and Send A Cow UK and they all denied ever receiving the animals.

On June 22, 2015 Send A Cow Uganda wrote through their lawyers of Osilo and Company Advocates denying ever dealing with Nkoyooyo in respect of cows from Njuki’s farm.

Also Send a Cow – UK wrote through its Chief Executive Simon Banes, denying the same.

In return, nkoyooyo reportedly testified against Dr Njuki in a case his stepmother and two step sisters filed against him claiming his house in Ntinda which his late father had given him while still alive.

In that hearing, Nkoyooyo claimed Dr Njuki’s stepmother was living in the Ntinda house in 1990 yet the stepmother had told could before Nkoyooyo testified that she was no longer staying in this house by 1989.

“A will he (Late Ganja) wrote WITNESSED and signed by the former archbishop when read indicates he left the farm to me and my brother. Surely, if the bishop was honest, he should have told my father at the time that his son had sold off his farm, and it should not be listed in the will. When the criminal case came for trial, the former archbishop interfered with the magistrates several times asking for the case to be withdrawn, that he will settle the matter yet unbeknownst to the magistrates the archbishop was the illegal beneficiary of 40 heads of cattle from the farm and could never be an honest broker in the family dispute. I pray that you are able to bring this matter to a successful conclusion,” Njuki notes in his letter calling upon Ntagali to call a family meeting to solve the matter.

Efforts to contact Nkoyooyo were fruitless as his know telephone line was not going through by press time.

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