Mbabazi warns Enemies on defacing his Posters

Independent Presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi yesterday warned people who have been defacing his posters in districts where he holds rallies.


Since the commencement of the former prime minister’s posters have been destroyed by people who his supporters claim to be NRM insiders.

Yesterday morning, some of former ministers close confidants alleged that a squad of “goons from NRM went around Fort Portal” defacing posters of Mbabazi and intimidating people that identify with him in anyway.

“We later found out that they were led by the NRM district registrar Patrick Kamulindwa in this act. This is very unbecoming behavior first of all, of an adult, and second of all, of a person holding office. We want to advise the NRM to show respect to others throughout the remainder of the campaign,” one of Team Go Forward noted on social media.



Mbabazi’s campaign speech in Kabarole hinged on restoration of cooperative unions, a peaceful transition and urging people of Toro to stay true to their culture of being peaceful people and not yielding  to provocation of the ruling party.

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