Mbabazi, Besigye cannot fight Corruption— M7

President Museveni has said that the two leading opposition presidential candidates; former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) flag bearer Dr. Kizza Besigye lack capacity to fight corruption in Uganda.

Museveni addressing Journalists today at State House
Museveni addressing Journalists today at State House

Addressing media today afternoon at State House, Museveni noted that it is National Resistance that can touch all corrupt officials.

“Who can fight corruption in Uganda except the NRM? NRM telina gwe yeeguya. There is nobody we cannot touch,” he said, adding; “This group running around of Mbabazi and Besigye cannot fight corruption. It’s us, in NRM there is nobody we cannot touch.”

He said it is the ruling party that has a strong historical base, and with that has the ability to deal with corruption.

Museveni argued that corruption in embezzlement and abuse is caused by “covert and hidden things.”

Commenting of Mbabazi’s motto “Go Forward” President Museveni argued that NRM has been moving forward all the time.

“This is something we have doing all the time. Moving forward, even more forward… The authors of moving forward are known; moving forward in liberation, recovery, and the obstacles? Who were the authors? It is NRM.”

He said Uganda would have been moving forward if Mbabazi was not confusing the ruling party.

He said, in the coming elections, there will be no tight race since Ugandans cannot support Mbabazi, Besigye and the young boy Baryamureeba.

“Baryamureeba could not manage a simple university. How can he manage 35 million people?”

Free and Fair Elections

Museveni said Electoral Commission has introduced voting by finger prints to enable free and fair elections.

“It is one body part that you cannot have two people with same prints… “That is what I fought for (free and fair elections). Opposition has been cheating in Kampala; we just ignore them.”

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  1. No we loveDr besgiye say what u want to sayBt we need a man like him okay because 4eyrs u have ruled no change at all just go away from eache race………….tired of u. …tired of u. Go away from the race.

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