Kenneth Mugabi Scoops Blankets and Wine gig

Kenneth Mugabi, a gifted songwriter and a soulful performer has joined the list of talented artistes that will be performing at the December edition of Blankets and Wine Kampala.

Kenneth Mugabi, sings his heart out.
Kenneth Mugabi, sings his heart out.

Mugabi who first caught the public’s attention as one of the top contestants of Coke’s Rated Next competition, beat Jackie Akello and Rogartien to the gig.

He will thus perform as the opening act on December 13, 2014 during the closing Blankets and Wine fete of 2015.

For the past five weeks, Tusker Malt Lager has been holding activations at Zone 7 where Blankets and Wine fans were given the opportunity to choose an artiste they would like to have perform in December.

Janzi Band performing
Janzi Band performing

Brenda Birungi, Jackie Akello, Ragartien and Sitenda were all vying for the enviable chance to perform at Blankets and Wine.

During the final face off at Zone 7 on Wednesday November 25, 2015, Mugabi, backed by Janzi Band wowed the audience with his ‘Naki, be my wife’ single.

His fingers gently caressing the guitar, his voice belting out sweet melodies, and the audience on its feet.

Jackie Akello put up an impressive performance but couldn't match Mugab's vigour
Jackie Akello put up an impressive performance but couldn’t match Mugab’s vigour

That was all Mugabi needed to garner the 46 votes that earned him the gig in December.

Rogartien seemingly let himself down. His rendition of Bob Marley’s No Woman, No cry was not as catchy as Mugabi’s ‘Naki.’ He ended up getting only seven nods.

Jackie Akello on the other hand gave the audience a hard time choosing between her and Mugabi.

Her ‘Afoyo’ (Thank you) single was excellently performed. The audience also stayed on its feet throughout her performance.

She earned 26 votes at the end of her performance.

With Janzi Band at its usual flawless self, revelers always find it extremely difficult to stifle the urge to stretch out their nubile selves.

Backed by Janzi Band, Mugabi won the audience's vote.
Backed by Janzi Band, Mugabi won the audience’s vote.

Dorothy Muttu, the Marketing Manager for Premium Beer at Uganda Breweries Limited says that the activations were aimed at not only giving consumers the chance to pick an artiste of their choice, but also to give upcoming artiste a platform to shine.

“For the past five weeks, we have been entertained by very talented musicians, some of whom we knew but didn’t really know their music. This was a chance for the audience to get to know these artistes better. Mugabi now has a bigger platform to showcase his talent,” she said.

Mugabi will join Myko Ouma, Swahili Nation and The Kansoul from Kenya, in entertaining revelers at the 11th Edition of Blankets and Wine.

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