Kadaga Demands Independence of Science and Technology Ministry

Rebecca Kadaga deliberating at Victoria University on Saturday (Photo by Stuart Yiga)
Rebecca Kadaga deliberating at Victoria University on Saturday (Photo by Stuart Yiga)

Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga wants government to make some amendments so that Science and Technology ministry become independent from the education Ministry so as; to deal with innovations that are being created by young people and others Ugandans.

“A number of young people have come to parliament with exhibition and they want to be assisted how to move forward so, I call the minister for education and says no, no, that’s not mine try the ministry of Finance when I ring the ministry of Finance says, no, no, only a little part is mine so, it’s like a circus, that’s why I want all of them to be in one place so that we know who to contact and who to task or ask for accountability. The research council is under the Finance Ministry, it shouldn’t be there, the school of computing is under the education Ministry, there are too many innovations there but nobody is taking interest in it, obviously, if we have a full Ministry, we would probably get more money to cater for new innovations,” Kadaga said.

She was opening the Social Innovations Africa Forum, a platform that brings together social innovators to tackle the greatest challenges that affect Africa. The conference was held on Saturday at Kampala down-town-based Victoria University under the theme; Social and Business Transformation through Technology and Innovation.
Meanwhile, Victoria University Vice Chancellor, Dr. Stephen Robert Isabalija hailed the Speaker for her innovative speech that she made while addressing the students and other stake holders during the conference.

“She articulated to students and discussed Sustainable Development Goals-Africa-2030, innovations and their key role in achieving Africa 2030, social enterprise and the impact of social entrepreneurship, which left most of our students’ yearning to listen more from her,” said VC Isabalija.

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