Juliana, Flavour an Item

Latest info doing rounds suggests that sexy veteran songbird Juliana Kanyomozi and Nigerian superstar Flavour Nubania could be an item.

Juliana and Flavor perform 'Nakupenda' during Coke Studio Season Three
Juliana and Flavor perform ‘Nakupenda’ during Coke Studio Season Three

The two met and hooked up a few months back at the third season of Coke Studio Africa in Nairobi.

Juliana and Flavour got even closer when they were paired together for the mas-up sessions where they displayed instant chemistry on stage while performing their much loved ‘Shake /Woman’ collabo.

They went on to become the most talked about couple in the continental music show.

Thanks to their undeniable chemistry and sweet melodies, their mash-up was the most voted song for two weeks straight.

Sources reveal that even after leaving the Coke Studio academy, Julian and the ‘Ashawo’ singer have remained in touch and talk on a daily basis as they are getting to know each other more.

However, some of Juliana’s fans are not warming up to the idea of her dating the Nigerian ladies’ man because she is older than him.

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