It is Unacceptable for Police, Army to beat Wanainchi- Museveni

musePresident Museveni has said it is unacceptable for police or army to beat Ugandans, arguing that it should not be tolerated.
While addressing the National Resistance Movement National Executive Committee (NEC) and Central Executive Committee (CEC) at the ongoing party delegates’ conference at Namboole yesterday, Museveni said that he heard about claims of police and army beating Ugandans.
“Recently, I have heard of incidents of Army or Police beating wanainchi. This is not acceptable to the NRM. The commanders should not tolerate this. Even okubogolera (barking) at wanainchi is not acceptable,” he said.
He said tension and bad blood in the just concluded party primaries was caused by some NRM members who do not speak the truth.
“If you see the tensions and the bad blood generated by the recent primaries, you notice that the main problem is that, apart from selfishness, some of the NRM Members do not say the truth. If you stuck to the truth, things would be simplified and easily corrected. There are two hundred voters in this village, why do you say they are 300? That is where the problem starts from,” he said.
Museveni criticised the party is not using the law to punish supporters who misbehaved in the party primaries.
“As for the misbehaving in the Primaries, the NRM provided for this. The problem is that you are not using the law. It is illegal to inflate voters; if caught you will go to jail for a period not exceeding 5 years. It is criminal to assault another person, causing actual bodily harm; if you do so, you will go to jail for 5 years,” he said
Adding; “It is criminal to be sectarian, if you do so, you will go to jail for a period not more than 5 years. It is criminal to malign somebody. The sanction for this is imprisonment not exceeding 6 months.”

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