EC did not approve Topowa Voter Campaign Message—Kiggundu

The Electoral Commission (EC) chairman Badru Kiggundu has said that the commission did not approve Citizen’s Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU) Topowa campaign message.

Kiggundu speaks to the press

Speaking at a breakfast meeting with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) leaders at Kampala Serena Hotel today morning, Kiggundu said Topowa campaign message can easily be misinterpreted.

“When you talk of a pothole and relate it with change; you create a problem with interpretation of the message,” he said referring to the campaign message, adding, “There are overtones in TUPOWA message. How does a pothole educate a voter in relation to this electoral process?”

Last week, The Electoral Commission ordered the Citizen’s Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda to stop airing the Topowa campaign message.

Partisan Politics

He said Civil Society Organizations should not engage in partisan politics and their messages must be credited by the Electoral Commission.

“CSOs specific messages must be approved by the Electoral Commission. We will not accredit CSOs which exhibit partisanship. They (CSOs) are not registered political parties and should therefore not be involved in partisan politics,” he said.

He noted that CSOs’ conduct will be closely monitored for compliance of laws governing their accreditation during elections.


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