Cindy Attempts To Give Navio ‘Head’ On Stage

Singer Cindy Sanyu is not your ordinary gal; she can get crazy even when the whole public is looking on.

Cindy and Navio on stage doing their thing
Cindy and Navio on stage doing their thing

On Friday night, Cindy attempted to give rapper Daniel Kigozi alias Navio ‘head’ while they were performing at Neyo’s concert.

In the middle of her ‘Ndi Mukodo’ song, Cindy invited Navio on stage, at that moment everyone realized that she could be horny.

After setting eyes on him, Cindy started moving seductively all over the ‘Ayaya’ rapper attempting to suck his whopper, as the crowds cheered on in unison.

At some point, she stretched her Yoyo so high on Navio that he was seen worried for her tiny pants, just in case they tore apart.

According to our on-ground snoops, Cindy could have swallowed few tabs of female Viagra, if not she was missing a serious romp.

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