BUSTED!!! Chameleone’s ‘Nursery’ of Secret Kids Unveiled

All indications shows that celebrated singer Jose Chameleone real name Joseph Mayanja is tired of hiding some of his many secret kids.

Jose Chameleone
Jose Chameleone

Sources close to the Mayanja family reveal that the ‘Bwerere’ singer has started unveiling some of his secret kids one by one.

It should be noted that last year, there was talk that Chameleone could be having a nineteen year old son in Kawempe only identified as Dr. Shine.

Following this talk, the singer is slowly unveiling the little known young ones.

A few years back, the pencil thin dread locked singer acknowledged his secret six year old daughter named Anna.

According to sources, the singer has now added another kid to his legion of many children; a boy named Abbey.

Abbey is the exact replica of the singer that there is no need for a DNA test to prove Chameleone’s paternity.

The singer recently unleashed a picture in which he is posing with his secret son and the two appear to be happy and bonding as they spend quality father and son time.

It is said that Chameleone’s secret kids are normally taken to his father Mzee Mayanja’s home where they get the opportunity to meet their ever busy father.

As expected, the singer’s wife Daniella Atim is not happy about the development and it is the reason most of Chameleone’s properties were registered in the names of Daniella’s kid to block the secret kids from claiming them in future.

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