Socialite Dumped By Zungu Lover Over Nudes, Hooks Finance Boss

CITY SOCIALITE Sharon Mutesi Nina aka Tyra Robberts, whose nude pictures recently leaked has been dumped by her Muzungu lover.

The Zungu lover has for some good months been bankrolling Tyra and her two daughters, until he realized that she is juggling him with other men.

Due to her fineness in bed, the Zungu rewarded her with a Toyota Harrier and rented for her a crib in Bugolobi. However, after learning that she looks for satisfaction elsewhere, he hanged his boots.

It seemed like the Zungu had become a pain in her a** for tight-marking her all the time, since she had moved on with another married man working with the Ministry of Finance in the Auditing department.

When she was dumped by the Zungu, Tyra immediately made her clandestine and brief bonking sessions with the Finance dude official and currently enjoys fulltime service.

According to insiders, the Finance boss has ably serviced her engine by helping her gush all the old oil the Zungu had failed to get out due to age and poor techniques.

Sources contend that the Money-man has caused a dramatic change in Tyra’s life whereby he is contributing to her fuel, rent and food bills, on top of giving her too much freedom and dime to party.

When the Zungu learnt about her rendezvous with the Finance boss, he is said to have gotten so pissed that he sealed his cash taps.

However, those who know Tyra pretty well say that even though the finance boss wakes up one day and closes the taps, she will comfortably hook up other financiers.

Tyra has been linked to numerous city men, who include Miles Rwamiti and Dick K. (married). Tyra is a Nyaru who was born and raised in Fort Portal, where her mother is a Reverend’s daughter.

Although she grew up in a religious family, she opted for a secular lifestyle.

Prior to camping in Kampala, Tyra is said to have spent a long time in China, where she was reportedly working as a Moonlighter and is said to have a ring on her Honey Pot.

Tyra usually hangs out at top-notch city spots where she can easily hook up loaded guys, according to pals.

She is part of a social media group where she keeps daring her pals to unleash their Assets for other members to compare, since they are a clique of socialites, some of whom work with corporate companies in Kampala. She is also close to a number of businessmen and top musicians like Bebe Cool.

Tyra with her friend Bebe Cool at his birthday bash
Tyra with her friend Bebe Cool at his birthday bash


Tyra Robberts (Facebook name) copied from her daughter’s name, is not dense; she knows that better goods are those put on display.

She recently posed nude before the camera and took exclusive pictures.

Tyra’s nude pictures are currently circulating on social media like WhatsApp and are suspected to have been leaked by one of her jilted bonkmates whom she dumped after sucking him dry.

In some of her kinky snaps, Tyra is seen taking selfies while dressed in only black knickers and a bra.

In another picture, she is seen massaging her bubbly bum while dressed in only purple undies.

The third picture, she is seen completely naked and displaying what her mama gave her.

Waterlogged Tyra, as most men refer to her, earlier warned her Facebook friends that her New Year’s resolution was to quit Facebook, which she hasn’t done up to date.

Tyra with her pensioner, in the background is her car
Tyra with her pensioner, in the background is her car

She has two kids with a mystery man, with whom she separated due to irreconcilable differences.

She came to the limelight when Desire Luzinda’s sex tape leaked.

She dared people who went mad after seeing Desire’s little water, saying that the singer is just a kid compared to other babes.

Tyra did not refer to herself but those who associate with her describe her as a flowing fountain.

She crazily took very many pictures of her cutting Desire’s popular V-pose and even trained her two kids to pose in the same way.

Tyra usually hangs out at top city hotels, Industrial Area based nightclubs and sometimes parties in Ntinda with her girlfriends.

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