Sexually Disoriented Scribe Bahwayo Flees

Elizabeth Bahwayo, an employee with a leading media house in Industrial Area Kampala and also a renowned member of an activist group called Fem Alliance, has fled the country on grounds of stigma, communal harassment and discrimination.

She was previously caught red handed “consummating her partner” in Mutundwe, a Kampala suburb in Rubaga Division. She had previously solicited and obtained help from Smug and Fem Alliance but persistent community stigma forced her to flee. Her fleeing was preceded by previous events which saw her detained and released on police bond under SD Ref: 03/20/06/2015-Kampala South Metropolitan area. At the media house, Bahwayo was famously associated with artificial vibrators and gels which she always used to derive sex satisfaction along with her group members. Sources close to the ongoing investigations revealed that she passionately resented men and she was once nabbed with these sex vibrators that were subsequently kept as police exhibits.

In fact secretly vending these sex toys had become her undeclared business and would sell them to her group members. Along with a pal called Linda, Bahwayo would use her Mutundwe home to train young babes on how to use these vibrators.

On getting bond, she went into hiding yet she was expected to report back but just disappeared after family members abandoned her protesting her weird conduct. The same fate has since befallen her fellow lesbians like Nakazibwe Prossy and Harriet Nsamba. Bahwayo and others remain endangered because the community abhors such mischievous conduct.

Fem Alliance bosses refused to comment fearing to expose their members to more community stigma and violence.

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