Rwabwogo’s teaching is the Renaissance of the NRM—M7

President Museveni has signed his in law Odrek Rwabwogo’s NRM ideological and mentorship training manual and cleared him to continue the training sessions across the country.

Odrek at The National Resistance Movement Intergenerational Dialogue at Imperial Royale Hotel Tuesday evening.
Odrek at The National Resistance Movement Intergenerational Dialogue at Imperial Royale Hotel Tuesday evening.

Rwaabwogo started the training and mentorship when he expressed desire to contest for NRM National Vice Chairperson for Western Uganda but he stopped when his bid for the position was cut short by the party’s central executive committee.

President signed the mentorship manual on Thursday at a meeting at State House Entebbe “which went late into the night and, attended by leaders of all the five regions of the country who included NRM district chairmen, LCV chairmen, MPs, youth leaders and various elders,”

In a press statement yesterday, Rwabwogo said that the President praised his teaching and mentorship drive in the NRM calling it “the Renaissance of the Movement.”

“I hadn’t seen his work. I didn’t know that he was so focused on our ideology and can help write the syllabus of the Party’s ideology. Now I am convinced that he should continue with his team and we should find a way to support this work,” he said.

He added; “Rwabwogo seems to have been listening to me closely and learnt a lot from me. I thought he was simply a businessman focused on his milk sales. I had no idea he could clearly and ably trace the process of social formation and how to change society for better.”

The President said that NRM Central Executive Committee only counselled Rwabwogo not to mix the ideological awakening work he is doing with the search for a position.

“Position will have its right time and it will come. You can’t be a Mulokore leading the awakening revolution and you also say I ‘want to be a priest’. Many of the Balokoles were not priests. They were ordinary people like Rwabwogo who helped the church. People will misunderstand you when you mix Bulokoleship with a position. There is a proper time for this position. It will come when you focus on the work so that people understand you well when your time comes. You must separate ideology from tactics and strategy,” Museveni said.

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