Ndyagumanawe Is 2015 Nile Special National Pool Champion

Grand Finale: Amos Ndyagumanawe 7-5 Alfred Gumikiriza

Amos Ndyagumanawe ‘Real Shooter’ is the 2015 Nile special national pool champion after beating Alfred Gumikiriza on Saturday.


Ndyagumanawe, Samona club pool player beat 127 other players and the grand finale was played at Lugogo indoor stadium on Saturday, 24th October 2015.

His composure at the table managed him to go past 2012 national pool winner Alfred Gukiriza Alfred ‘Black Sheep’ 7-5 in a thrilling game to win a brand new Toyota Mark II vehicle, UGX2M, two pool tables, a winners’ jacket, and Socks.

This was a second time the two were meeting at the grand finale with their last encounter that occurred in 2012 and at the time Alfred Gumikiriza overcame Ndyagumanawe.

“Am so excited upon this victory, I had enough preparation that even required me to go and camp in Kenya but all in all God has answered my prayers,” the excited Nyagumanawe lamented.

Meanwhile, Pool Association of Uganda president, Farouk Wamala Kisuze commended Nile Breweries for supporting the game that has transformed the lives of the competitors.

“We thank our sponsors, Nile Breweries for their continued support and contribution to the game, we shall keep on moving with such friends who are eager to see the sport grow in the country,” Kisuze said

The tournament is the biggest event on the Pool Association of Uganda calendar.

Over 5000 players were engaged in the national qualifiers that traversed the entire country including virgin regions of Moroto and Moyo.

All Winners:

2001 – Bob Meneni

2003 – Jeff Miiro

2008 – Jonah ‘Joker’ Turigye

2009  -Fred ‘Bonde’ Namanya

2011 – Halifan Ntwali

2012 – Alfred ‘Black Sheep’ Gumikiriza

2013 – Jonah ‘Joker’ Turigye

2014 – Fahad ‘The Bee’ Ssewankambo

2015 – Amos ‘Real Shooter’ Ndyagumanawe

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