Kanungu is my Project- M7

President Museveni has told Kanungu district opinion leaders that the district is his project, castigating some leaders who have been pushing people out of National Resistance Movement (NRM) unfairly.


He said that he will make sure that people are not kicked out of the party unjustly, but those who are not toeing party lines should be appear before NRM disciplinary committee.

“Kanungu is my project, I need to make sure that people are not pushed out unfairly, they should either declare that they are no longer NRM supporters and leave, or if they are doing things discreetly, then we should produce evidence so that they appear in the disciplinary committee of NRM,” State House quoted President Museveni.
He added; “So I didn’t want you to make a mistake and push out people unfairly because in NRM we have Ideology, Structures, Work methods and Procedures.”

Museveni made the remarks yesterday at State House when meeting opinion leaders from Kanungu.

Kanungu is the home district of former prime minster and NRM Secretary General John Patrick Amama Mbabazi who is contesting for presidency.

District residents are divided on who to support between the former prime minster and incumbent president in the coming presidential elections.

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