I was Thumped To Pulp— MUK Guild President

Makerere University Guild President H.E Bala David Bwiruka has admitted that irate rioting students wanted to beat him yesterday,  acknowledging that a “few of them (students) went physical at one point or another” but later rescinded their actions.

Makerere University Guild President H.E Bala David Bwiruka
Makerere University Guild President H.E Bala David Bwiruka

Students were accusing him of failure to join the strike.

The guild president who had turned up to calm students found himself in a bizarre situation, surrounded and grasped by students.

He was later rescued by the police, and whisked to the University main building.

Students want the university management to scrap a policy requiring students to pay tuition by the first six weeks of the semester.

Students’ leaders led by the guild president had by end of last week petitioned the university management; forcing the latter to extend deadline for fees payment and registration for a month.

“Was I ‘badly’ beaten? Contrary to the sensational media reports, or is untrue that I was ‘roughed up and nearly lynched’ by students during the strike, although I acknowledge that a few of them went physical at one point or another but they later reconsidered their actions,” Bala posted on Facebook today morning.

He added; “Be that as it may, I understand that all this happened out of the frustration that these particular students – just like the rest of us – have due to these policies so no one should be victimised over the way I was treated.”

He argued that since he is already in negotiations with the University Council over scrapping of the policy, it would have been an insult to the intelligence of students for him as a leader to project a different intention in front of the students and yet again a different one in front of Council.

“I therefore chose to stand by my decision to go with dialogue simply out of respect for the students I lead and for my integrity as a person,” he said, adding “I was already aware as I promptly communicated that Council is to meet on Tuesday (today) to discuss the issue so I believe it was necessary to give dialogue a chance before resorting to other means.”

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