Dry Lolah Finally Gets Wet

Every normal woman gets wet, but so many of them chose to keep it a secret but city model Lolah, wants you to know how she looks when she gets wet.


Over the weekend, her social media handles nearly became a salivating spot when she paraded her extremely yummy and wet body.

Soaked in soapy water in a bathtub, the EA freelance model sent tongues wagging when she let out her stiff boobs, also dripping wet.

To make whoppers riot more, Lolah was clad in white knickers, with all her chocolate flesh waving hi to the public.

“Bitch ain’t worried about nothing… Oops, excuse my French…. There is a huge difference between a bad girl and a whore… Don’t mix…just the bad girl next door,” she captioned the photo.

Lolah will now be working as the face and ambassador of Honey Bee Lingerie—a Tanzanian based company—thanks to her flawless chocolate skin.

From such a deal, we expect her to showcase the most tantalizing and appetizing undies of the 21st century.

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