Desire survives rape in Nkumba

Singer Desire Luzinda may never forget the last Friday night when hungry students of Nkumba University wanted to chew her live.


This was during the Miss Nkumba finale, where Desire was one of the performers who ignited extreme fun and panty happiness.

After stepping on stage with black fishnets, fans ganged up to the stage and one by one they started baying for her juicy twat, pushing hands inside her dress.


From the look of things, these horny students wanted to have a concert of their own in Desire’s panties, though she kept on running from that wild crowd.

Pulling her legs, taking snaps inside her dress and throwing vulgar requests  to her, these fans clearly wanted to eat her alive.

The ‘kitone’ singer wiggled and shook her huge butt—the reason why guys got extremely horny and touchy with her.


After the performance she was seen in company of muscular bouncers who whisked her away before the horny chaps drilled her oil in public.

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