Woman Blasts Grace Nakimera Over Man

Grace Nakimera will live to recall 4th September 2015 after an unknown woman attacked her saying she is trying to ‘snatch’ her man.

kim jon

The fracas happened at Mask Lounge Bukoto when Nakimera was leaving the hangout after a powerful performance at the dope divas party.

On her way out, an anonymous male fan spotted the ‘Seesa’ hit maker and thanked her for the great show she put up while in the club.

“Grace thanks a lot for the great performance inside, I will comment tomorrow on your Facebook page,” the fan echoed.

Hell broke loose when Nakimera called him for a photo shoot, yet this guy was in company of his wife who seemed to be jealous of the attention her husband was getting from the singer.

The furious woman never waited for any green lights and immediately started abusing Grace, calling her a whore, for trying to ‘snatch’ her man.

“Now you want to take my man huh, why don’t you musicians get your own husbands, you’re a whore. So you even know each other on Facebook heee!!” the anonymous woman quarreled in high decibel.

The clueless and confused singer never made any utterances as she watched the woman get so verbose.

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