Rich gang’s Cheune replicates Hollywood celebrity lifestyle

Edward Kyeyune famously known as Cheune seems to be on a mission to go past all odds and create a unique lifestyle from his fellow rich gang members.

kyuneLatest info from our moles in the camp, it that Cheune had to do away over USHS 3.6M to purchase swag boards which are commonly used by American celebrities.
He has resorted to choking his social media followers on footage of him riding on the boards, that are not common in Uganda.
Before the moneybag jumping on the scene, it was only singer Jose Chameleone who owned a swag board.
Over the weekend, the two (Cheune and Chameleone ) were seen at riding on their rare accessories while recording a promo video for their ‘Money power and fame’ party which will be held later this year at Liquid Silk

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