MBALE!!! Crowds shock Mbabazi, Ugandans

Finally, yesterday, Museveni’s political erstwhile friend, presidential aspirant Amama Mbabazi started his country wide consultative meetings.


But what shocked everyone and Mbabazi inclusive was the crowds that rammed Mbale town to grace the former prime minister’s meetings.

Mbabazi told the mammoth crowd that he had chosen Mbale to be the first stop because of its historical significances.

“It has been a challenge getting here. It is gratifying that I’m finally here. I chose ‪Mbale as my first stop, because of it is historical contribution to our Liberation struggle,” he said.


Reminiscing his early years in the struggle, he said he  met Moi Kibaki, former president of Kenya who  told him that it was Mbale that they held Kenya’s  Liberation and Freedom meetings in the 1950’s.

And a decade and a half later, People from Mbale constituted part of the FRONASA that was trained in Tanganyika.

“43 years later, here we are. Uganda has achieved a great deal in the aftermath of oppression and bad governance that the world didn’t expect. We garnered respect and Cooperation of the world. We shouldn’t take this for granted and forget how important our freedom was,” Mbabazi said challenging people to stand up for the freedoms.


He said the people of Uganda need a complete revival of our Democracy and Institutions and a government based on rule of Law not the whims of individuals.

“We the people of Uganda need and deserve job opportunities for every working man and woman in the country…especially for the young ones.”

Mbabazi castigated the current regime that spends over $150M in attempt to treat Ugandans seeking better health abroad while the country’s health systems lies in shambles.


“As a country, we use $150M each year to pay for Ugandans who go seeking better Health Care out of Uganda and yet many of the experts working on these Ugandans abroad are Ugandans. This is shameful and must change!” he said.

He said he is offering himself for presidency because the country needs good leadership that will bow to rule of law and promote accountability.


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