Mbabazi, UNRA Officials To Be Jailed After M7 Swearing-In

Plans to arrest former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi have been finalized. According to our insiders, Mbabazi will be arrested in May 2016 shortly after president Museveni has been sworn-in.

John Patrick Amama Mbabazi
John Patrick Amama Mbabazi

Mbabazi who is former leader of government business according to our insiders will be arrested alongside four other ministers who have all had a hand in the alleged UNRA scandal currently under probe by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire.

The state will also jail all the former UNRA bosses according to our sources.


Some time in December2013, Amama Mbabazi and his wife Jackie approached one of the president’s aides in state house in charge of disabled youths Mukasa Luutu.

This boy had just returned from Austria where he had spent a full year after deserting his job in state house.

When he came here for Christmas, Mbabazi allegedly approached him to help them to design a powerful communication network and strategy.

This was at the time when intelligence had started getting rumors that Mbabazi wanted to oust Museveni.

Luutu’s other work according to insiders was to act as secretary to all private meetings Mbabazi held.

Upon getting this proposal according to insiders, Luutu secretly contacted security about the deal.

Security allegedly cleared him and sent him on a deadly mission to ‘work’ for Mbabazi.

“Luutu would religiously work for Mbabazi but in the evening, he would go and brief intelligence about what was going on,” sources confirmed to us.

The whole game was ended when Luutu was summoned to state house by president Museveni.

At the same time, Museveni had separately summoned the Mbabazi for a different meeting and by coincidence; both parties were shocked to see each other in Museveni’s compound though on a different invitation.

Luutu arrived first and Museveni tactfully made him sit somewhere near where he was going to meet Mbabazi from.

Luutu went to state house with a huge envelope containing all minutes of his meetings with Mbabazi and team since he was their secretary.

Museveni’s plan to invite both parties was meant to expose them to one another and therefore assure them that there is nothing going on which he didn’t have at his finger tips!

After this project worked for him, Museveni summoned then security minister Muruli Mukasa for a briefing where even Gen. Salim Saleh allegedly attended.

The purpose of this was to rally Muruli’s support to move a motion declaring Museveni as a sole candidate for NRM in 2016 polls.

It was meant to stop Mbabazi from contesting in NRM primaries for president since all leaked minutes had alluded to this plan that he wanted to contest in NRM primaries.

Unfortunately, a source told us that Muruli chickened out citing personal reasons and plan B was immediately coined.

It involved shopping for another MP to execute the mission. This is how northern youth MP Evelyn Anite came into the picture!

Upon getting Anite assurance to move the motion, Museveni hurriedly summoned an NRM caucus retreat in early 2014 where Anite knelt down and moved the motion of Sole Candidate.

She went ahead to circulate a paper for members to sign including Mbabazi and eventually, the deal worked out!

The Luutu files were part of the intelligence files that Museveni later tabled before members pinning Mbabazi on a move to oust him after this retreat.

Whereas Anite was later awarded with a ministerial appointment, Luutu was offered a deal in which the state took charge of his family, a car and a monthly pay worth shs1m, according to insiders.


After all those machinations, and after Mbabazi finally came out to confirm Museveni’s initial fears, the next plan now is to dig out all the mess with a view of getting Mbabazi and some of the ministers who allegedly helped him in executing his missions whether knowingly or unknowingly.

The prime target is Mbabazi according to our sources.

In the plan, Museveni wants Mbabazi to see whether Mbabazi has any links to allegedly UNRA scandals and wants him answer numerous charges in relation to the following.

There are numerous road contracts that were signed and implemented.

These projects according to sources were given to various Chinese companies.

And yet, according to Museveni’s investigations, in China, there is a policy where contracting Chinese firms give back 10% of the total sum of the contract to the government that gives those companies such contracts.

The 10% is part of Chinese corporate social responsibility to the contracting government.

In this case, according to sources when Museveni tried to investigate most of the projects done by Chinese, the 10% [payback] is not reflected anywhere in government coffers.

It is therefore believed that this money could have directly or indirectly gone to Mbabazi and it is out of this, that the former prime minister allegedly generated mega resources that are now terrorizing Museveni politically.

In fact, the Bamugemereire investigations are basically supposed to dig into all Chinese-contracted roads across roads but the main target is to see who fronted them and whether this alleged 10% went to government or taken by some individuals.

Also the ministers in works ministry will have to explain whether the roads constructed were of the required standards mainly in terms of inches.

Sources said some roads actually have three inches [thickness] instead of 4-6 inches.

Sources said, the missing inches must be accounted for in form of monies since contract documents and specifications are readily available.

In this chase according to our sources there is also a plot to net all ministers who allegedly participated in any questionable UNRA deal.

Some of the deals according to intelligence involved alleged connivance between ministers in the ministry of lands and bosses in UNRA.

It was alleged that intelligence got information that every time a road construction proposal was made in cabinet, fake land titles would hurriedly be issued out to fake individuals mainly in wetlands and in the process, government forked out billions of shillings in those fake payments by UNRA. Museveni is now bitter wondering why UNRA paid billions in compensation to these dubious people and he fears that all this money was simply stolen.

This is the reason he wants the ministry for lands to explain in detail how fake titles were issued to fake individuals in places where roads were to be constructed.

Our insiders told us that the whole game could have been calculated way back and this could be the money that Mbabazi is now using in his bid to kick him out of his lucrative state house job.

Our sources told us that the Bamugemereire investigations are going to be done by March next year.

A judge is already on the line up to try all those ministers, private individuals involved, UNRA officials and Mbabazi.

The ministers according to the plan are supposed to serve not less than 4 years in jail.

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