M7 Warns UN On Assisting Groups Seeking Protection

President Museveni has warned United Nations to be wary of groups that are ever approaching the organisation in search of protection rather relying on their own protection.


He made the remarks while addressing the United Nations 70th Session of the General Assembly yesterday.

“Our advice to the UN system, therefore, is that while it may be unavoidable to rely on external armies in dealing with particular ugly situations, we should be wary of groups that seek external sponsorship instead of relying on their own internal energies and that seek to be puppets of external actors,” Museveni said.

He however said that very limited external solidarity may be necessary when oppressed people are fighting for survival and emancipation if you are dealing with authentic patriotic groups.

Giving Uganda as an example, Museveni said the country had a lot of problems including losing 800,000 people between 1966-1986, killed extra-judicially by the regimes but has never appealed for external help.

“We have never, however, appealed for external help in dealing with the security problems of Uganda. We always emphasize building our own capacity at the earliest opportunity,” Museveni said.

He added; “It has served us well. Uganda today has got capable security forces that have ushered in peace, throughout the whole country, for the first time, in the last 500 years.”

Referring to a biblical proverb, Museveni noted that whatever a man sows that is what he reaps. “If you sow the pseudo ─ ideology of sectarianism, bad governance, corruption, flunkeyism, etc., you will harvest insecurity and stunted growth of state pillars, including the armed forces.”

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