Lake Victoria Is Here But It’s Dead — Museveni

President Museveni has said that due to failure by elders in the fishing communities of Uganda to take a leading role in protecting the lakes from overfishing and the catching of immature fish, it has led to the depletion of fish stock.

President Museveni disembarks a canoe on his way back from Ngoma
President Museveni disembarks a canoe on his way back from Ngoma(File Photo)

Referring to Lake Victoria for instance, the president said that the lake is here but dead due to fish stock decimation

“Lake Victoria is here but it’s a dead lake because it has no fish. You need to help us to protect these lakes and we revamp them for the future of the country’s fishing industry. Borrow lessons from the cattle keepers who never eat female calves because they are the future of their herds as they are the ones that will produce and multiply the cattle stock,” State House quoted President Museveni addressing a public rally at Masafu Sub-County grounds, Buwanda Village in Busia district.

He noted that the indigenous fishing communities have failed to protect the lakes, and when the Fisheries Ministry resorted to deploying of fisheries protection officers who have worsened the situation.

Museveni castigated the deployed officers for engaging in mass corruption and extortion of fishermen and traders.

He challenged communities living near lakes and the water bodies in the country to do stop negative vices of overfishing and fishing of premature fish which he said pose a great danger to the fishing industry in the country.

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