IN PICTURES: Mammoth Mbabazi Supporters Paralyze Business In Soroti

Supporters of former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi today morning Paralyzed business in Soroti town.


Mbabazi was today holding a consultative meeting in Soroti and he got a heroic welcome.


Crowds that had gathered at Soroti sports grounds were later dispersed by police after firing teargas and liver rubber bullets.

Police says that Mbabazi should hold consultative meetings not rallies.


“When I reached here, RPC told me to call off this rally but I told him I wouldn’t. I know the law as a lawyer and as one who made it,” said Mbabazi

Police and Mbabazi supporters engaged in running battles for over thirty minutes.


Police fired teargas of different colours as Mbabazi supporters threw stones at the police officers.

Mbabazi refused to leave his seating area even when police fired tear gas canisters towards his seat.


Mbabazi insisted on addressing the dispersed crowds.

He started by telling supporters that he is a clam person.

“I am a calm man and with my calmness, I achieve what I want,” roared Mbabazi before adding that; “It is easy to arrest me as they did last time or teargas us. But it is impossible to arrest an idea.”


He also assured his supporters that it’s time for change and they should get prepared.

“The time for Change is now. You must be prepared for it”


After his brief speech, Mbabazi was given Spear and Shield which are signs of leadership.

Mbabazi later held the consultative meetings at Lions Club in Soroti town.


All Photos By Sheila Nduhukire / NTV

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