I Have Never Seen Aronda Sick – Wife

Wife of departed Internal Affairs Minister Gen. Aronda Nyakairima has said that she has never seen him sick until he died last Saturday in Dubai from South Korea.

Linda Aronda laying a wreath oh her Husband's casket
Linda Aronda laying a wreath oh her Husband’s casket

Speaking at state funeral for Gen. Aronda Nyakairima at Kololo Independence grounds in Kampala today, Linda Aronda said that he was a wonderful father who had time for his children and paid school fees for many of his relatives.

“The 20 yrs I have lived with my husband, we have never seen him sick until when he mysteriously disappeared,” she said adding “He was a wonderful husband and father. He had time for his children.”

President Museveni who was the chief mourner said he is annoyed because Aronda’s health condition was not detected and if detected was not attended to thoroughly calling upon the UPDF commanders to pay more attention to exercises and more regular check-ups.

“Aronda complained of a stomach pain, dizziness and when he went to hospital in South Korea, they said that they did not have insurance. Aronda shouldn’t have gotten on that plane. At least he should have died in hospital in South Korea,” he said.

He said National Resistance Army (NRA) has lost many army officers and the country should remember them for their contribution to the country and that records of the NRA soldiers and heroes should be recorded for the generations to come to remember.

President promised to support his family.

What They said

“Gen Aronda was an accomplished soldier, nationalist. He was calm – a good listener who could accommodate people’s views. He worked hard to diffuse tensions in Migingo Islands. Aronda served with high degree of integrity.  Efficient, as evidenced with the on-going ID exercise,” Emeritus Cardinal Wamala

President Museveni laying a wreath on Aronda's casket
President Museveni laying a wreath on Aronda’s casket

“He would go wherever duty called him. He would go to each and every boarder point where disputes were reported and restore calm there. We in government should emulate his actions especially on the ID project,” James Baba, Minister of State for Internal Affairs.

“He was a champion of peace and security for the people of Uganda. Such a great man, friend to many. We have lost a great man, and we will miss him,” Archbishop Stanley Ntagali

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