I have a dream of becoming president—Mbabazi

Presidential aspirant Amama Mbabazi who is on a countrywide consultative tour yesterday told crowds that swarmed him at Ngalne Pikap, Sabiny in Kaptchorwa that he dreams becoming a president.

amama mbabazi in sebei

“It gives me great pleasure to be here with you today. I have come here on a consultative tour because I have a dream of becoming a president of this country,” he said.

The former prime Minister and National Resistance Movement (NRM) general secretary said that its time for change.

“Kaguta Museveni has served us as a country and we as NRM have done well for the last 30 years but you see you still have some serious problems like poor education, poor roads, hospitals and land grabbing.”

He made it clear that he is contesting for benefit of the young generation since it is time for the old generation to hand over power to the young generation and his consultative meetings are aimed at knowing what they (people) think about him standing for president.

Mbabazi said Sebei region is the first area he visited after NRM captured power in 1986 though some people day he has never visited the area.

“Some people are saying that I have never visited the Sebei region but this is the first area I visited after we captured power in 1986 and the whole stretch is a food basket. You have the capacity to grow enough wheat to meet the demand of Uganda but because of roads you cannot.”

Former External Intelligence Chief who a UPC diehard David Pulkol when given a chance to address the crowd described Amama Mbabazi as a very calm person, who is not excitable, is very organised and a sober person and a man who believes very much in the value of institutions and is also a very good organizer and negotiator who has done many negotiations on behalf of the government of Uganda.

Today, Mbabazi will be in Soroti.

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