How western powers played a pivotal role in crushing the anti gay bill

Uganda is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the sub-sharan region though still very conservative.



It important to note that despite the above fact, certain cultures/practices that are considered foreign have not been welcomed by a vast majority of the population.

In the recent years the topic on homosexuality has stirred very stinging debates amongst the young and old, literate and illiterate with only a handful of a few brave ones coming out of the closets to reveal that they are gay.

These revelations have caused massive stigmatization thus forcing quite a number of those belonging to this minority group into exile.

In 2012 a motion was tabled on the floor of the Ugandan parliament by David Bahati a member of parliament from western Uganda to have gays prosecuted and sentenced by the courts of law.

This motion was very popular amongst a vast majority of the locals in Uganda but also led to wide scale criticism by the international community mainly from the EU and The United States of America that strongly came out to condemn this act which they termed as barbaric and even threatened to stop advancing donor Aid to the country, indeed some countries such as Netherlands immediately cut it’s Aid to Uganda.



Despite that fact the Ugandan parliamentarians unrelentingly went on to push this motion into an bill which they did in December 2013 and was signed into a law on Feb 2014, a thing that saw several Ugandans jubilating while the outside world turned their ‘torch’ onto Uganda for what they believed was the beginning of gross violation of human rights.

Through their various human rights and civil society organizations they decided to take on the Ugandan government in the courts of law, LGBTI’s in United Kingdom also had several roadside demonstrations calling upon the Ugandan government to squash the law and after a long and protracted struggle they managed to get the act annulled by the constitutional court on the 1st of August 2014 after it was discovered by the 5 judges of the above court that Parliament had passed the bill without requisite forum.



On the other hand president Museveni stated that he had earlier on passed the bill into Act because he wanted to show the world that Uganda is a sovereign state.

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