Hellen Lukoma Goes Naked In Club

Hellen Lukoma is by far one of the babes in Kampala surrounded by scandals of yoyo parading, kinky poses and all the sexually torturing exploits you would think of.

Lukoma undressing on stage. Photo by Elisha Muloki
Lukoma undressing on stage. Photo by Elisha Muloki

On Thursday night, Lukoma—one of the ever-upcoming singers in the country, left revelers in shock when she nearly undressed at club Amnesia.

Headlining the campus night, she got over-excited that she made a move to parade her tiny Kandahar to the horny-looking revelers in the hangout.

Clad in a black see-through dress, with a red tiny body suit inside, she pulled the see-through up for whoever cared to peep at her tiny yoyo.

Apparently, moles think she had been over-powered by the cheers she garnered from the crowd, when she was premiering her latest video ‘deeper’

However, our snoops have been left wondering what she could do if she was in the position of stars like Juliana Kanyomozi, musically.

This comes shortly after we published a photo of her pale butt cheeks that she unleashed on Instagram late last week.


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