‘Condom Contestant’ Shocks Nation

Guests who turned up for the Miss Ambiance auditions last weekend were left in utter shock when a yet to be identified babe turned up on the podium putting on condoms.

The contestant whose body was filled with condoms

The rubbers were a little blown up, and tied around her body as extra clothes, all glittering with their manufactured lube.

It’s not clear who blew up these condoms for her, but sources inside the pageant have it that it’s always the contestant responsible for preparing her creative outfit.

As spectators were still recovering from the shock, another babe also turned up wearing extremely blown up condoms, looking like balloons.

However, when contacted, an insider who preferred anonymity told our snoop that crazier things are bound to happen at the grand finale.

From such a confession from the insider, our moles are already speculating that we may get to see totally nude contestants rocking the stage.

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