Your Apology Not Enough, Lukwago Blasts Mao

The Team leader for the recently formed T.J Platform, a pressure group that has been carved out of the Democratic Party, Elias Lukwago has said that Mao’s verbal apologies are not enough; that he should instead aim at solving what caused controversy within the

Addressing Journalists at his home last week, Lukwago said, they however welcome the apologies although they have not received them formally neither informally but just hearing them through the press.

“Our prayers are not words now but to see actions and directions to solve the outstanding issues. The issues at the heart of controversy are well documented in the report and we believe serious attention should be given to them. As much as we welcome the apology, we request Mao to address the matters in the report that is the only way to avert the re-occurrence of the same situation and forge a way forward,” Lukwago said.

Democratic Party President-General Norbert Mao on Tuesday last week apologized for the remarks and accusations he made against the embattled Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

Mao said he used strong language to describe Lukwago in the heat of a disagreement over the convening of the party’s delegates’ conference towards the end of July.

Lukwago and his breakaway faction refused to attend the conference at which new party leaders were elected.

“We have learnt through the press that Mao has apologized for the derogatory statements he made against my persona and the entire members of T.J Platform. Unfortunately we have not received any formal or informal communication in regard to the matter neither a phone call. We wholeheartedly welcome the apology; we have received it in good faith and with humility as law binding citizens. Those statements were unfortunate and regrettable, we are glad for that and that is a good gesture, it’s a statesman approach that we all welcome,” Lukwago added.

Lukwago revealed that Mao’s apology does not mean that the Platform’s planned activities will be put to halt, but instead they are to continue as planned.

“We hope our message will be received in good faith and hope they will tone down in the language they always use.”

Meanwhile Kato Lubwaama expressed fears that Mao’s words were not serious at and he feels the Lukwago faction won’t be spared from more abuses as soon as possible.

At the same conference Sebuliba Mutumba rebuked Mao and his group for sacking him as the chief whip in parliament as a form of intimidation, something which he said was not called for. He said, he will fight for his position back.

Mao, who was addressing the media on Tuesday last week, told journalists at DP headquarters in Kampala that former Party President Paul Kawanga Semwogerere has called for a mediation meeting for both sides, however Lukwago has said they are yet to receive such invitation.

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