Priest Hires Witch Doctor To Kill Family

The woman member of parliament for Kanungu district  Jackline Kyatuhaire, Odelia Mulungi , Jean Kabarungi, Jenifer Kyomugisha and Pascal Mwesigye have requested the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura to avail them with Security after revealing that unknown people have been trailing them.

Fr. Paulino
Fr. Paulino

This comes after they opened a case of attempted murder under file Ref.SD 7/23/5/15 and GEF 101/2015 against Fr. Paulino Twesigye, the head of Mbuya catholic.

“We have requested Kayihura to intervene in our Matters because if they remain unresolved something can happen to our lives,’’ Odelia said

It’s through their request that Gen. Kayihura instructed a team from Police Land Protection Unit that comprised of Commandant ACP Julius Twinomujuni, his Deputy Charles Mutungi.PRO Emilian Kayima and regional CIID Herbert Wanyoto.

Recently Top city cleric Fr. Paulino Twesigye who made headlines in the media accused of attempting to murder legislator has money that has shocked the nation.

Sources reveal that Fr. Twesigye, through his dubious deals has accumulated wealth that include flat no. 006, Block1 Flat C 8 Plot 33-41Luthuli Rise Bugolobi in LRV folio 1 to purchase, 56 acres of land in Mukono, a big plot of land in Naalya, Rental houses in Najjera and  80 acres of tea plantation in Kyamuhunga, Bushenyi district.

Police Land Protection Unit spokesperson Emilian Kayima revealed that his unit has dedicated its time on the issue in order to deter any criminality that could arise.

“We are still mediating in this matter so each aggrieved members can agree to move on together without spilling blood so that they can stay in harmony like the way they have been living in past before this conflict erupted,” he said

Detectives from Special Investigations Unit have been investigating the Fr. Paulino after Odelia dragged him to police after one of the assailants told him that he has been sent to kill their family.

The family members include; included former Member of Parliament for Kanungu Jackline Kyatuhaire, Jean Kabarungi, Jenifer Kyomugisha and Pascal Mwesigye.

After recording a statement, detectives from SIU Kireka swung into action by arresting 3 hired men who were identified as Innocent Nuwagaba a disco joker in Mutungo a Kampala suburb, Silag Ssalongo Muti and Sulaiman Muyombwa a local witch doctor who was picked from Masaka.

Police came to net the three after Silag had confessed to Odelia that him and his colleague had been hired by Fr. Paulino to kill the whole family because they had refused to vacate his said land.

Upon interrogation, Silag revealed that Fr. Paulino first hired DJ innocent to do the job but as he was conversant with the family.

Later Innocent told Fr. Paulino that he knew one of the former serial killers who he could partner with to execute the job.

Innocent contacted Silag who had just come from Luzira on murder charges to help him get the job done.

The two went and met Fr. Paulino secretly at Mbuya Catholic Church residence and discussed the terms of the contract.

While recording a statement at police Silag revealed that him and DJ

Innocent failed to complete their mission due to fear that they would be arrested in murdering almost five family members who were scattered in different parts of the country.

So he came up with a new proposal to which Fr. Paulino bought.

He deceived Fr. Paulino that he had a special witch doctor in Masaka whom he had been using for some time to carry out city murders and go unnoticed.

He went on to brief him that if they met the native doctor, he would help them kill the other people at the same time using Juju.

The three planned and travelled to Masaka at night where they met Sulaiman the Juju man.

It’s said that Sulaiman asked for Shs1m, photos of the persons to be killed a white sheep and a hen.

Fr. Paulino accepted his requests and gave out the money but pledged to send other necessary animals as he had not come prepared with them.

Later Fr. Paulino was taken up to the hill for cleansing with in blood and Sulaiman requested him to pray while holding the photos of the people to the gods which he did.

The three returned home early in the morning.

After two days, Fr. Paulino gave money to DJ Innocent to go and buy the needed animals and send to Sulaiman for ritual sacrifice. Innocent went without notifying Ssalongo who had taken them.

When he came back, Ssalongo also asked DJ for some remaining facilitation that Fr. Paulino had given him. DJ abused Ssalongo revealing that he would never receive any other money from him because he had earlier failed to do his job.

Ssalongo went on to call Fr. Paulino to ask for his share but the man of God

went on to tell him that he would no longer need his services any more since he had gotten a witch doctor who would help him to do his job diligently.

With tempers raising high, Ssalongo dashed to Mp’s family and informed them on what was going on.

Members of the family convened and rushed to police.

The three were arrested but Ssalongo was later released because he had turned into a state witness.

The Catholic Church elders from Rubaga have also picked interest in the matter and advised Fr. Paulino to stop all the wrong doings and settle matters with his relatives because if they remain unresolved, they would tarnish the image of the church and the parish he is leading.


On 5th January 2015, Fr. Paulino arrested MP Jackline’s mother one Koderiya under Case KMP/E/403/2015 and detained her at Jinja road that she had trespassed on his land.

When Mp Jackline got to the shocking news she called IGP who ordered for her release after making a statement.

In the statement Koderiya acknowledges that she bought the piece of land where she built a house in Mutungo with Fr. Paulino.

But later Fr. Paulino went to Rome in the late 80s where he has been staying till 1998.

He then went to Nairobi where he served for more than 15years.

The trouble started in 2013 when Catholic Church appointed him as Mbuya parish priest

When he returned, Fr. Paulino ordered Koderiya to vacate the land they which they both own on the basis than for more than 30 years he has been away, she has been using it.

Even after arresting Odelia, he asked detectives who were handling the case to get a land title from the old woman which she never surrendered telling them that the matter was civil and needed to be settled in court not police.

With all this frustration, Father had to hire people to finish of the whole family in a bid to reclaim the whole piece of land.

Efforts to reach Father Paulino for a comment on his well known contact never yielded much as he said that we should talk to those who gave us information for a more. “I can’t comment to the press’’ as he hanged on

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