Pastors Warned On Turning Makerere University Land Into Worshiping Places

Makerere University Students’ Dean Mr. Cyriaco Kabagambe has warned soaring religious creeds to stop turning university premises into worshiping places.

Makerere University Students Dean Mr. Cyriaco Kabagambe
Makerere University Students’ Dean Mr. Cyriaco Kabagambe

Speaking at Makerere University Freedom Square during Fresher’s (first year students) orientation today morning, he said a number of religious denominations which haven’t been allocated land to elect structure have been turning university land and  halls of residence into worshiping places

“Churches must clear with the management but not coming through closed door to turning halls into churches,” he said.

The University has three established churches which include; Catholics, Protestants and Muslims that have worshiping places around the university.

Kabagambe encouraged students associate with their religious denominations and those who subscribe to churches that are not established within the University, he encouraged them to find where their respective churches are located.

He also advised students to dress appropriately.

The recently approved university rules require students to dress appropriately but Kabagambe said it is difficult to define appropriate dressing.

“When going to church, lecture rooms, dress appropriately, when going to church or party dress according to that. It would be disrespectful to go to church or lecture room dressed inappropriately,” he said.

Makerere University Chief Security Officer, Assistant Commissioner of Police Kasimo Thomas cautioned students to stop indulging in personal strikes.

“Do not join people’s persona struggles. If you act irresponsibly, you can be singled out and expelled,” he said.

The University opened on Saturday August 22 after non-academic staff at Makerere University suspended their three-week industrial strike protesting government’s failure to pay them enhanced salaries this year. The strike had forced University to extend opening date for a week.

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