NTV’s Douglas, Thaddeus feud over babe

Word doing rounds is that that NTV The Beat presenter Douglas Lwanga is feuding with Thaddeus Mubiru, the former manager of song bird Iryn Namubiru over a babe.

Douglas Lwanga
Douglas Lwanga

The babe has been identified as Carol Sovie Mirembe, a budding singer.

A source revealed that Douglas has been in a secret romance with Carol and was said to have ballooned her.

She however, got a miscarriage and lost the baby two months back.

We have since learnt that Thaddeus was shocked to learn that he was not the only one in Carol’s love life.

Thaddeus is believed to have also been in a romantic relationship with Carol having hooked her early this year when she was deserted by footballer Saddam Juma who left for a professional soccer career in Egypt.

Thaddeus got involved with Carol after promising to revive her fading singing career to the level of Iryn Namubiru.

Thaddeus is said to have invested heavily in Carol considering that the time he hooked her, she was struggling financially since Saddam Juma had not left her with any money to look after their daughter.

Latest info has it that on realizing that she was juggling both Douglas and Thaddeus, none of the dudes is willing to let her go.

Meanwhile, Douglas has been previously linked to Silk Liquid PRO’s Linda Lisa’s and he is alleged to have split with his wife when he discovered that the child she produced belonged to another dude working with a top corporate company.

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