MBABAZI WAR!! Cabinet, NRM Secretariat Bosses In Bitter Split

Ministers are bitter with NRM Secretariat bosses over their recent decision to block NRM candidates from contesting in NRM primaries from having the poster of president Museveni on their campaign material.


We have exclusively established that this is the reason some ministers even dodged cabinet sitting last week.

The cabinet sitting according to our insiders flopped as a handful of ministers turned up.

Our sources assured us that the ministers are actually protesting a decision by NRM secretariat led by SG Kasule Lumumba for banning candidates from having Museveni’s pictures on their materials and therefore want the head of state to prevail over the secretariat bosses.

The ministers claim this is bound to cause political bruises against Museveni in the upcoming general elections.

The ministers’ concern arise from the fact that in their constituencies, Mbabazi moles are busy flocking their areas with his [Mbabazi] posters and some people have started asking for these posters.

Amama staring at Justine Lumumba Kasule
Amama staring at Justine Lumumba Kasule

Some of Mbabazi agents are using this loophole to hoodwink villagers that Museveni is not going to stand and has sent Mbabazi as is favorite candidate.

To prove this, the Mbabazi agents give villagers his [Mbabazi] posters and tell them to keep them jealously as they wait for elections to tick their man.

“It is a tricky situation. Those who back Mbabazi are asking for posters of their man but for us we are blocking our members from having posters of their candidate? This is ridiculous! It must be revised. It doesn’t serve any meaningful purpose to the fortunes of our candidate [Museveni]. People are now being confused in the villages that Mbabazi has been sent by the president that’s why his posters are being given out,” our insiders in cabinet assured us.

This, the ministers think is meant to popularize Mbabazi against Museveni.

On top of this, the ministers claim that much as president Museveni is known, some villagers are still green about him.

This is so because the president during his campaigns doesn’t reach every village in this land but the local candidates are ever on the ground.

“A councilor gets his votes from the village he or she is born. Similarly, parliamentary candidates also move from village to village in search of votes. Our focus should now be on how to popularize Museveni on the grassroots using these NRM primaries. Even if someone loses primaries, the president would have achieved as a flag bearer! Otherwise, what purpose will it serve for NRM parliamentary flag bearers winning but the presidential candidate loses? Shall we have a government? What is the actual interest of the secretariat? Having many members when the presidential flag bearer has been defeated? Someone must explain this,” the sources stated adding that some ministers are not willing to adhere to this for fear of reprisal by Museveni in case he performs poorly in their respective districts.

According to our sources, the ministers want NRM EC chairman Tanga Odoi to seat with the secretariat and revise this matter.

Some ministers are secretly moving towards recommending changes in the secretariat by the president by forming a parallel structure to manage primaries.

In case Tanga and secretariat bosses insist, the ministers want NRM CEC to pronounce itself on this matter which is allegedly suicidal.

We have been told that some ministers now claim that by the secretariat refusing candidates from putting Museveni’s picture on their materials, this could necessitate ‘unnecessary’ expenditures by the party in the name of popularizing Museveni just as it was the case during the Kyankwanzi resolution.

This development comes at a time when the government chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa recently revealed that NRM MPs were to be given millions to go and consult on Museveni’s manifesto.

Already some powerful ministers like Ameila Kyambadde are at war with Tanga Odoi over primaries.

Amelia has even prophesized dark times ahead for Tanga if he continues the way he is doing things in NRM.

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