Mbabazi In Talks With MUK Guild

According to our reliable sources Amama Mbabazi intends to ride on the current 81st guild government to capture a large support of Makerere university students.

mbabazi supporters

It has since been alleged that Mbabazi and Jothan Yamurebire who is now the new guild speaker of Makerere university students are negotiating how to ensure all the students’ leaders get on board.

Makerere university students’ guild has always faced a lot of financial challenges.

The guild budget is always about Shs203million, however according to the leaked plan, Mbabazi intends to double it.

This means that students’ leaders especially guild ministers will be able to work on several projects around the university that will make the students fraternity feel there leaders have served to their level best, in which the final credit will be given to Mbabazi.

This was the reason as to why Mbabazi accepted to preside over the handover ceremony of the speaker who is always influential in the guild.

Since the current guild regime goes up to next year in February, Mbabazi expects the students’ leaders to use their influence to mobilize for him among the intellectuals.

It is also reported that Jothan Yamurebire (current speaker) who is the president of Greater Bushenyi Makerere University students Association had approached Mbabazi with a budget of over 350m, to fund a piggery project, to benefit the youth of Bushenyi.

It is said the duo met in one of the top hotels around Kampala and Mbabazi agreed to fund the project on a condition that, Jothan will help to mobilize Bushenyi youth for Mbabazi especially those studying at Makerere university.

According to an insider Mbabazi has so far given the association 150m to run the project and he has promised to pay the remaining amount.

It was on the advice of Amama Mbabazi and his close allies that Jothan was convinced to stand for the guild speaker such that Amama could have influence over students’ leaders in the guild house.

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